Americans plan to plant "rat attack" on the island of GUAM

In the spring of the current year on the Pacific island of GUAM will start to drop from helicopters dead mice. It was so decided by the Americans to fight two million reptiles called brown boiga.

There was a time when these snakes was not on the island at all, and the island was famous for the fact that it was inhabited by a rare one of a kind bird. In 1944, when American troops recaptured GUAM from the Japanese Navy U.S. accidentally brought to the island boiga. From the first days of this kind of snake was wonderful to feel, as the island was not natural for these amphibians enemies, but there was a lot of food.

The snake began to destroy all the representatives of the rare fauna of the island. Was it the fact that today on the island not to hear the birds chirp. In addition, boiga harms technique. She arranges a short circuit in electric networks, squatting on power lines. The population of the island not too fond of this neighborhood, but one that the poison boiga not fatal to humans.

Scientists of concern is the fact that snakes, some specimens of which reach three meters, will be accepted for the development of new areas, for example, in the Hawaiian archipelago. And despite the fact that to Hawaii almost 5000 kilometers, the authorities of the archipelago have already begun to sound the alarm.

This was the background to "mouse attack". Therefore, it was decided to reset the snakes dead rodents, inside which is placed acetaminophen is lethal to snakes poison. At the same time, the scientists stressed that this substance is absolutely safe for humans. The first batch of dead mice in quantity of 2000 units will be reset to the island in the near future. Scientists realize that this is very little, since snakes on the island millions. That is, these operations will be carried out to a significant reduction in the populations of reptiles on the island.

Science is familiar to many cases when human intervention in the ecosphere has led to serious problems. One example is the importation into Australia of rabbits that had no natural enemies, and become a real disaster.

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