American surgeons undertook the world's first operation for decreasing penis

Surgeons of America held the world's first operation for decreasing the penis. The patient was a 17-year-old student with impressive size of the penis due to which most of the girls refused to join with him in intimacy. He also could not participate in active sports and wear tight jeans.

In neeregirovannom condition the penis of the patient has reached 18 inches with a circumference of 25 inches. During erection the size of the penis has not changed. The surgeons decided that surgery to reduce the size quite real and agreed on the first in the world to experience reduction member operative by.

More just before the operation, the student complained of spontaneous erections, which greatly complicated his life. Doctors blamed this phenomenon on the characteristics of the structure and the unusual shape of the member.

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The operation was successful, the size of the penis has been reduced. For ethical reasons the name of the patient, the doctors were not disclosed. Data published in Sexual Medicine.

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