American scientists were forbidden to go to the supermarket on an empty stomach

A recent study has established the fact, what many people knew and without this, namely, to the grocery store it is impossible to go hungry state. American scientists have shown that people who ate nothing all day, getting in plenty of food supermarket, start to subconsciously choose the most high-calorie foods. In short, the man was more hungry, the less healthy the food he chose. Those study participants who had a little bite to eat before going to the store, choosing lower calorie and healthier food.

In their study, the researchers watched the 82 people who made purchases in real-time. The survey revealed that the most energy-dense foods and junk foods were purchased between 4 and 7 p.m., and less high-calorie foods people bought in the period from one hour to four.

According to study leader Amy Yaroch from the Center for nutrition in Omaha, even for a short hike in the hungry state in the supermarket can very quickly develop irregular eating habits, and thereby to destroy the figure. The authors research is recommended to never go shopping hungry and requested to draw up a list of products that must be purchased. This way you can get rid of the desire to buy unhealthy and high-calorie foods.

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Their British colleagues from king's College London recommend a little wary of the claims of scientists from the United States, as, in their opinion, each person has a unique way spends obtained calories.

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