American scientists were able to create "eternal polymer

Chemists from the U.S. Duke University, in the U.S., surprised the world with a completely new development - high-molecular polymer, which is almost impossible to destroy. The thing is that nanomaterial, depending on the impact factor, capable of changing its physical properties and to adapt to the influence of external conditions. According to the publisher of the journal Nature Chemistry, "eternal" polymer will become the basis for creating some very resistant parts cars.

The head of the experiment, Steve Craig, showed all using the same tests. He took a small amount of polymer in the liquid state, was irradiated with ultrasound, and a moment later he turned into a gel. If the temperature drops, he very quickly took permanent form and became solid.

Chemists believe that "eternal" stuff will go perfectly to create a unique engine oil and some parts of various devices. But first you need to work on the speed of transition of the polymer from one state to another, as, in their opinion, it is still not fast enough.

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