American scientists warn: Christmas tree can cause Allergy attacks

Christmas tree installed in the house, can cause an allergic reaction, warn scientists from the United States.

The first such trend was noticed Dr. Lawrence Kurland, when analyzed leap complaints of patients suffering from asthma and allergies, it is for the holidays, says Sky News. He compared the facts and came to the conclusion that the reason for the complaints about the deterioration may be the usual Christmas tree.

When installing in a warm room allocated spruce or pine spores and fungi begin to grow, presenting a real danger to the health of people who have problems with respiratory system. The results of the analysis showed that on the bark and needles of the tree can contain more than 50 species of fungi. A week standing in a room, the number of malicious dispute on an evergreen tree grows almost 6 times.

Caused by tree allergic reaction your symptoms reminiscent of allergic rhinitis, which occurs during the spring flowering plants.

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On the assurances of the experts, this problem is not widespread, because the percentage of people allergic to tree small. They doctors advise to decorate an artificial Christmas tree, instead of a living, for the New year.

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