American scientists: saber-toothed cats died out due to hunger

Scientists from the American Vanderbilt University found that a large saber-toothed cats died out due to starvation, as the results showed that before the disappearance they ate in their usual mode. Complete the work of researchers from the United States published in the journal PLOS ONE, and zakonspektirovano the content of their work was published by the University.

Scientists have analyzed the state of the surface of the teeth of the fossil animals: American lions and smilodon. Their research touched upon the period 35000-11500 years BC, that is, until the moment when the saber-toothed cat with American megafauna disappeared completely from the face of the earth.

Pinholes on the teeth from chewing bones and footprints in the teeth from chewing soft food are significantly different from each other. Analysis of these traces enables scientists to understand what they ate before his death saber-toothed cats: the whole production or only its hind part of the body. On this basis, it is possible to establish whether there was abundance of food in these ancient animals.

And here is a detailed analysis showed that 11,000 years ago cats were not picked Dean of the bone, which means that problems with food they had, like many thousands of years before. Plus, there was even a tendency to increase the quantity of food.

Scientists adhere to the hypothesis that the cause of the extinction of these prehistoric ancestors of the cat family is the disappearance of their main prey, namely: sloths and mammoths. The latter, in turn, disappeared from the planet due to climate change, or due to hunting of the primitive people.

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