American scientists: reducing caloric food intake causes the body stress

American specialists from the National Institute of gerontology conducted a study in which it was found that by reducing the caloric intake of the brain, as well, and the rest of the body experiences stress, which is the training factor. More detailed results of the study published in the scientific journal the Lancet.

The body adapts to the situation, and if it later appears more severe stress, for example, due to a serious illness, it is already easier carrying it. After you have received the results of the study, many of the American edition medical direction hastened to make changes in the dietary guidelines. The changes consisted in the fact that from now on, experts advise not only to reduce consumption of high-calorie food, but to eat instead of three times a day, twice.

Specialists have found that a limited diet or starvation become organizers of unconscious mental processes in the brain. Any of the mentioned processes can be linked with emotions, any idea or concern. According to study leader David Iglina, such findings mean that consciousness is, in fact, less controls emotions, thoughts and consciousness than is commonly believed. For example, the post has much more influence on the processes in the subconscious than conscious processes. First of all, it concerns the development of willpower.

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