American scientists plan to study the impact of ecstasy on the autism

Autism is a serious mental disorder, during which a severe form of self-isolation, which lasts throughout the life of the patient. He avoids contact with reality and almost never expresses any emotion. American scientists decided to conduct a study that would help to establish how drugs affect the condition of autism. In their experiment they would like to study the influence of MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine), or simply put - ecstasy. I must say that even 1985, is a semisynthetic substance belonging to the amphetamine, have been attributed to controlled drugs and was banned for use in medical purposes.

Despite this, scientists believe that the use of this type of drug will help in psychotherapy. The ecstasy is empathogenic effect, upon the occurrence of which the fear of emotional pain dulled, and a sense of social communication becomes more developed. However, ecstasy can cause hallucinations, but, according to American scientists, will be used if a pure substance, without all kinds of impurities, such effects will be excluded. To participate in the experiment already found 12 volunteers who suffer from autism. This study is the first clinical testing of the drug, and experts hope for success.

According to the Director of public relations of the Association for the study of psychedelic substances, current research suggests that the clinical use of MDMA is completely safe. The representative of the Association is confident that the resulting research is promising, and aims to change the perception of psychedelic substances in the minds of the public.

The approximate value of scientific papers will be 256 thousand dollars, and since no state institution has not agreed to Fund the project, the scientists intend to get the required amount from individuals who agreed to sacrifice for the sake of science.

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