American scientists: magnesium is also important for the health of the child, like calcium

Conducted by American scientists, the study found that it is useless to use to strengthen children's bones, dairy products, if in the diet of the child is not in magnesium rich foods. This conclusion the researchers came after he reviewed the nutritional intake and health status of the 63 children in the age group from 4 to 8 years. All participants in the experiment did not take any food supplements and vitamin complexes.

Researchers tested how much calcium and magnesium enters the body of children together with consumed food, and then comparing the obtained data with the results of the mineral composition of bones, as well as their density. Consequently, the group of scientists under the guidance of Professor Steven Abrams revealed that children's bones, magnesium is as important a matter as calcium. Thanks to the magnesium baby bones become denser and richer in minerals. Meanwhile, the role of calcium in this process is not so high. It should also be noted that magnesium affects the absorption of calcium in milk products its content is negligible.

That's why pediatricians recommend to include in the diet of the child sesame seeds, bran, green salad, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, oats, almonds, bananas. All these foods are rich in magnesium. At the same time, the magnesium content, very little bread, dairy and meat products, that is all that the child eats every day.

For example, in Russia, every 4th child aged one to two years, every day eat sausage and sausages, which is unacceptable. Every third child is experiencing a shortage of fresh vegetables in your diet, and 65 percent of Russian children consume excessive amounts of baking.

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