American scientists: low BMI worse than obesity

That extra weight is bad for health, they know almost everything. Meanwhile, scientists were able to prove that small and insufficient weight is not less harmful to him. From a couple of extra pounds can benefit - they prolong their own life, but low BMI may lead to irreversible consequences.

Conducted by American scientists, the study showed that thinness has an extremely negative effect on health. First, it affects the immune system, making it more vulnerable the human body of various infectious diseases. Secondly, low BMI leads to loss of bone mass, and this may result in irritability, hyperketonaemia, nervousness, insomnia, bone fragility, and hypertension.

Anemia and low weight are always there and anemia in humans there is a constant feeling of fatigue. Man begins to get tired and this can lead to negative changes in tissues and organs. In the case of children because of anemia, delayed physical and mental development. Because of its thinness begin all sorts of problems of the digestive tract.

It should also be noted that, according to scientists, if you did not manage to bring low BMI to the desired state, this fact indicates the number of serious diseases of the body.

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