American scientists have suspected Putin Asperger syndrome

Asperger syndrome is a disease characterized by lesions of the nervous system. People with Asperger's hard to build their social interaction and have a number of stereotyped interests and activities. The disease differs from autism primarily by the lack of disturbances of cognitive functions and the complete preservation of intellect. American scientists recently published an article in which he suspected the Russian President had Asperger's syndrome. The Kremlin took this information as a new stage in the information war and called such efforts "garbage".

The study was started in 2008, when the first assumption by American researchers on the development of the Vladimir Putin of Asperger's syndrome. Brand Connors, specialist in naval College, found the Russian President had some neurological symptoms related to the disease. Information about the diagnosis was based on the analysis of video recordings of the speeches of the President with 1.01.2000 year.

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