American scientists have studied mutations trees in Chernobyl

American scientists published research trees-mutants of Chernobyl. The aim of the study was the effect of radiation on wildlife. Journal of Trees writes that the growth of young pines after 1986 was considerably slowed down, the reason for this is the strong radiation contamination.

"Due to mutations that occur under the action of radiation, impaired growth of all living things" - reports Tim Musso, University of South Carolina.

Pictures, which he gives an example, say the wrong growth of many trees. Many of them turned into "dancing". Their roots and branches under the action of radiation twisted in a most unnatural way. The Professor began to study the Chernobyl since 1999. The last present study covered more than 100 trees from 12 different sites.

Scientists are making plans for research and other trees in a completely different place, for example in the area of Fukushima in Japan, where also was a significant release of radiation during the earthquake. However, when the primary inspection area, it has been reported that the trees have been changed quite different: the observed decrease of the tops of the trees and their branches. And this is a completely different study.

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