American scientists have reported factors violate hormonal balance

American scientists have conducted studies and have identified four main factors affecting the hormonal balance of modern man. These factors - chemicals in food, drink, air, and other products.

Never took hormone pills or drugs?

Do not think that just because your hormonal balance is normal. Chemical substances contained in food, beverages, air, and other products also affect your body.

Here are the main factors that can significantly affect the hormonal balance.

The tap water. It may contain pesticides and herbicides, penetrated it through groundwater, many of the bottom violate levels of estrogen (the female hormone) in the body.

Strong-smelling chemicals. Fresh floral aromas means to wash floors and carpets. Air fresheners and gels for body often belong to the class of substances capable of affecting the synthesis of hormones in the body. Phthalates are present in the blood 97% of people faced with civilization, they disrupt the sexual development of boys and reduce the activity of sperm in men. Many large companies have refused phthalates, so carefully read the labels.

Plastic tableware with polycarbonates. Their composition is a synthetic estrogen bisphenol, its presence can be detected in the blood of 93 percent of urban residents. To protect yourself from it, do not put plastic things in the microwave or dishwasher, high temperature increases the chances of getting chemicals in food.

Meat. In the pursuit of wealth, farmers are cattle hormone injections, it enables them to quickly narashite weight of animals, and for the consumer, who often eat this meat - imbalance of sex hormones, which is especially dangerous for children in puberty.

To ensure that your hormonal balance was always the norm - limit of these external factors, try to use less plastic dishes, household chemicals, and eat quality food.

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