American scientists have registered a new cure for multiple sclerosis

Officials from America registered a tool aimed at the treatment of multiple sclerosis. The drug was called Pelegrini, its developer - the company Biogen. In addition Pelegrini there is another drug against the disease - Avonex. Developers novelties believe that after the mass start Pelegrini will displace it from the market.

The new drug - treated interferon beta-1A. The modified formula of medicinal substance increases its duration, thereby reducing the frequency of injecting. Only two subcutaneous injections per week for a positive result.

The drug had time to test 1,500 volunteers. During the year, the systematic use of drugs were able to reduce the frequency of relapses of multiple sclerosis by 36%.

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The company filed an application for registration of funds in July 2013, however, the Administration on control over products and medicines of the USA has extended the deadline by another three months. The European Committee for medicinal products registered the drug in July 2014.

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