American scientists have grown the intestines of stem tissue

Scientists from America has made another successful breakthrough in the development of stem medicine. The team managed to grow in the body of the mouse intestine from stem cells.

Scientists have transplanted laboratory animal programmed stem cells into the abdominal cavity. After some time, the cells multiplied and settled in their development. The result was a functioning intestine, performs the function of excretion and digestion. The intestine has grown on the basis of the kidneys.

The experiment began with the selection of blood cells of the mouse. Next, cells were returned to the state of stem and programmed to transform into cells of the intestine. Next, the resulting substance, scientists injected in the mouse kidney in the body after some time, began development of the intestine.

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It's hard to say how long it will take until the methodology will be tested on volunteers from among the people. However, the medicine based on stem cells is advancing rapidly. With proper success and effort in the near future there will be no need for donor organs removed from a living or dead person. It will be enough to get a few stem cells and direct them in the right direction.

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