American scientists have grown from stem cells in the kidney

For the first time in the history of science, scientists from the USA have been able to grow a kidney from stem cells. Artificially grown body has complied with all biological functions after it is transplanted in the body of the animal. The experiments were conducted in rodents branch of the Harvard medical school - famous Massachusetts General hospital. According to the British expert in the field of growing artificial organs Martin Bertila, the kidney is a multifunctional and complex structure, so it is grown synthetic analogue can rightly be considered a revolutionary breakthrough.

It should be noted that the kidney grown American scientists on the basis of the technology that was before they used for the cultivation of the heart. The technology consists in the use of the organ donor, which is completely released from the cells, except for forming its shape. According to the BBC, after only the so-called "frame", it is filled with the cells of the organism in which the authority will subsequently transplanted. Thanks to this technique, the transplanted organ is not rejected by the body, and its new owner will not be required to take a course taking special drugs.

Martin Bertil also noted that the technology makes it possible to use a person's kidneys in any condition, as well as animal organs for transplantation to humans. Scientist believes that in 2018 will be held first for transplants grown organs to people, ITAR-TASS reported.

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