American scientists have found the happiest time of the day

American scientists from Cornell University have asked the question: when a person feels the best? It turned out that most of the positive emotions experienced in the morning hours after waking up.

Scientists from America conducted the study, which included about 500 thousand people from 84 countries. Was established the main reason for the good mood in the morning. The thing is that at night, the body restores strength, relieves stress and brings positive emotions.

Especially good mood is celebrated on the weekend days. All will agree, it is nice to not under stand the sound of the alarm clock, and a long sleep once or twice a week won't hurt. Biological clocks are much better than those on the bedside table.

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There is a small secret, in order to maintain a positive charge on all day. Enough to take short breaks at work. This allows you to save power. Helps to change the activity.

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