American scientists have found the cause of alcoholism

Many people continue to drink alcohol despite the fact that binge drinking can cause distraction and a severe hangover. Scientists from the University of Washington has tried to understand the causes of this phenomenon.

In the study they concluded that these people simply do not represent the seriousness of the situation and what can be the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption, and in addition they think that all adverse events pass them by. At the same time on a subconscious level firmly fixed memories that caused alcohol: a high level of sociability, a large amount of energy, heightened sexuality, and the like.

In research, scientists conducted a survey of five hundred students at the University of Washington. They asked them to fill in the form in which it was necessary to specify 35 negative phenomena over the last year associated with drinking alcohol. Such could be the hangover, clouded mind, missed classes, stolen or lost items, etc., Also the respondents were required to indicate, to some extent, the positive consequences of alcohol consumption.

After analyzing the obtained data, the researchers found that the negative effects associated with alcohol, was not considered by the surveyed students are very poor, as almost all hoped that this will not happen again. At the same time, the students hoped that the positive properties of alcohol again next time. In other words, the drinkers were confident that good, over and over again, getting better, while not bad is becoming more and worse.

According to the leading expert on the social and behavioral Sciences, brown University Christopher Calera obtained results suggest that people do not always come to correct conclusions by separating the bad from the good and strive in the future to avoid causing them harm. Scientist thinks that people appreciate the consequences of the difficult way, based only on my experience.

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