American scientists have found that the normal period of pregnancy is 10 months

New interesting observations were shared with the public American scientists. They found that, on average, to the pregnancy, the woman must carry the child for 9 months as everyone is accustomed to think, and 10, it was reported in the edition of Human Reproduction. According to experts, the explanation has the following, the longer time passes, the process of attachment of the fetus, the duration of the pregnancy more.

After a series of observations of young mothers who were under the supervision of a physician, experts have revealed an interesting pattern, the child was born after 38 weeks and 2 days. Experts suggest that the duration of pregnancy depends on many factors. For example, the age of the mother plays an important role. The later the woman is going to give birth in one day more it will have to carry the child. Another note by scientists, women who themselves were born quite large, later childbearing.

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According to the publication, in order to call these statements scientific truth, you need to spend more than one study of this kind. If it is proved that the above arguments have every reason, then it will give reason to reconsider many of the principles of the care and inspection of young mothers. Resulting average data, it is noteworthy that only 4% of women become mothers after pregnancy is 280 days.

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