American scientists have found a major obesity gene

Researchers of all countries of the study the structure of human DNA, to find the relationship between different pathological components and mutations in human genes. Eve was opened main gene responsible for the development of obesity. The gene was named IRX3. The structure is responsible for the recruitment process or demand excess weight.

The authorship belongs to their scientists from the University of Chicago. Research group made the search for new ways of dealing with excess weight. As a result, scientists have discovered a gene IRX3. Gene triggers mechanisms that allow the human body to gain or lose weight.

To date, scientists have little to do with his discovery. However, in the near future possible development of drugs acting on the genetic level and regulating the activity of certain genes. This will effectively combat obesity.

Note, previously, scientists synthesized protein PGC-1a, which break down fats, and accelerating the process of energy production.

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