American scientists have found a connection between the health of the child and the month of conception

American scientists once again surprised the world with his discovery. They found that the health of the newborn is affected by the month, in which he was conceived. Thus, it was found that a child born in the summer, has more than good health and has a solid weight, and the children who were destined to be born in the spring are often exposed to various colds because they have a weakened immune system. This information was published in the American journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

For carrying out such useful research of the American scientists had to analyze a large amount of information. Thus, data were collected on the 1.5 million children from across America. The data of the child were compared with information about his parents. This approach allowed us to understand what features of the parents can affect the health of the unborn child. However, to the surprise of many experts, it was found that the lion's share of these factors does not exert undue influence.

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Still, scientists were able to establish a relationship. It was found that it is possible, knowing the month of conception, with a high probability to predict the weight of the baby, length of gestation, as well as its resistance to many diseases. In the result, it was found that the most unfavorable month for conceiving a child is in may. This follows from the fact that the children conceived in this time, most of the rest were subjected to diseases and had a weaker body. The most favorable were named all the summer months. The reason for such a strange relationship scientists to explain is not yet in force. However, it is only a matter of time.

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