American scientists have created the technology of turning plastic garbage into fuel

American engineers managed to create technology that can turn plastic waste into various fuels and polymers. For this purpose, scientists decided to apply the method of hydrothermal liquefaction, which involves melting plastic at high temperatures. The resulting product is a mixture of liquid hydrocarbons suitable for use as a fuel or it can be decomposed into useful items. It is noteworthy that the new method provides the possibility of processing even polypropylene, which accounts for 20% of the entire array of plastic waste.

Long ago it became obvious that a huge amount of plastic waste is a huge environmental problem. And today humanity is fully aware of the fact that recycling of plastic waste into fuel and a variety of useful items looks very attractive way of solving this problem.

Experts estimate that over the last 50 years the Earth was formed approximately 5 billion tonnes of plastic. The creators of the new technology believe that it will certainly be in demand in the field of waste management.

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