American scientists have confirmed classical theory about the reasons for the extinction of the dinosaurs

Scientists have found that the asteroid that caused the extinction of dinosaurs, giant reptiles and ancient birds fell to Earth not 66,03 mil. years ago, as previously thought, and by as much as 180 thousand years earlier.

According to one of them, a scientist from the University of California at Berkeley Sex Rennes, this fall was the cause of the transition of the Earth from the Mesozoic era Cenozoic era. Scientists have also found that the fall of a giant meteorite occurred simultaneously with the extinction of the dinosaurs. What happened cataclysm, of course, was the main cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs, but besides him, there were other factors.

Scientists came upon such a hypothesis is the fact that the age of the rocks of Cenozoic and tektites (particles of the asteroid, scattered throughout the Earth after his fall) apart. Scientists were also able to examine the drops of matter, which froze in the sediments of the Cretaceous period in Haiti. In addition, in the formation hell Creek in U.S. scientists have found the remains of dinosaurs and some other prehistoric animals that lived in the Mesozoic era. Scientists, paleontologists have assessed the age of the found species, and calculated the average time of the fall of the giant asteroid. Thanks to calculations, the uncertainty in the values is now 11,000 years that Geology is equivalent to fractions of a second.

Thanks to the new count of Rennes and his colleagues, an asteroid killer prehistoric reptiles fell on our planet at 180000 years earlier than previously thought. According to paleontologists, the date coincides with the date of birth of the first rocks of the Cenozoic era, thus confirming the classical theory about the cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs, which was put forward by Nobel laureate Luis Alvarez in 1980 year.

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