American scientists have calculated that age our ancestors

As it turned out, scientists from the United States was able to calculate the age of our ancestors. According to scientists, the so-called mitochondrial eve" originally from Africa, lived about 100-148 thousand years ago, and Adam, the carrier chromosome - 120-156 thousand years ago.

Scientists have unraveled and matched DNA found in the mitochondria with the Y-chromosome. They took 69 representatives of the male half of the population. Shares of the genome inherited from his father and mother, and this, in turn, comparing the sets of mutations of various nationalities, allows you to determine who is our "parent". To determine the time interval of occurrence of new mutations will not be difficult, because of their accumulation in the genome has a certain speed. Scientists have calculated the rate at which mutations occur, taking into account the fact that America was inhabited by Indians priblisitelno 000 years ago. In the intervening period appeared mutations that are absent from populations on other continents.

Specialists in genetics from the US, I sincerely believe that the information they provide will be useful and will help evolutionists exactly recreate a picture of how the human race has inhabited the planet Earth.

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