American scientists establish the usefulness of marijuana

Scientists from Columbia University in new York found that Smoking marijuana is not valuable for patients who are trying to get rid with it from pain syndromes. According to experts, it is best with this task can cope tablet of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

In the United States has long produced tablets and capsules under the name "Marina" and "Dronabinol", containing the active ingredients of marijuana. They are often prescribed for people who have no appetite, and AIDS patients, and have undergone chemotherapy to reduce and suppress vomiting.

It should also be noted that so far no one has compared the effect of Smoking cannabis or taking it in tablet form. At the moment the laws of new York require the imposition of a fine from 100 to 250 dollars for possession of marijuana. Heads of research Margaret Heine and Ziva Cooper was able to find to participate in the experiment 30 people of both sexes who have used marijuana, but did not suffer any of the chronic diseases. Participants in the study, the researchers were divided into 3 groups. One group had smoked marijuana, so-called medical properties, the second group received the drug Dronabinol, and participants of the third group of scientists have given a placebo. After this, the participants in the study were exposed to Pressor test using cold water: volunteers immersed their hands into cold water for two minutes. According to the test conditions, participants could get his hands out of the water at any time when it was convenient. At this time, scientists recorded the duration of submersion in water with the aid of a stopwatch.

As shown by the results of the experiment, the use of marijuana and drug Grobina" much reduced pain threshold, thus increasing tolerance to pain. Among smokers of cannabis is believed that in cold conditions their favorite drug warms them from the inside. This feeling they were compared with a warm shower.

As it turned out, "Grobian" more effective than smoked as cigarettes marijuana. In addition, this drug does not cause dependence and does not clog the resin lungs of the patient. Currently in new York state there has been a debate concerning the legalization of marijuana use for medical purposes. The authors can make some amendments in the dispute, because the results of the experiment showed that as the hemp and tablets, reduce the threshold of pain. The only difference is that the effect of the pill lasts longer. In addition, the pill can cause brain infarction have never smoked marijuana man.

It should be noted that the use of marijuana for medical purposes authorized by law in some States and in Spain, the UK, Germany, Israel, the Czech Republic and other countries.

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