American scientists developed a vaccine for the treatment of ovarian cancer

Scientists from the USA have developed a vaccine for the treatment of ovarian cancer. This vaccine is still experimental, but its effect is that should induce an immune response, using cells from the tumor of the patient. As noted in the report, which was published at the annual meeting of the American Association for cancer research, the vaccine has caused positive responses 61 percent of women who suffered from ovarian cancer the third and fourth stages.

Experts from the University of Pennsylvania was isolated from the blood of a patient's immune cells, called dendritic cells. Once the dendritic cells of the patient, scientists have created a vaccine that were strictly individual for each patient as they used were collected during surgery the tumor cells of patients. The researchers found that 19 of the 31 patients after the administration of the vaccine organism gave antitumor immune response.

Of the 19 patients condition 8 patients has not been changed, and at the end of the study was made even one vaccine to maintain the effect. One patient out of eight now 42 months the symptoms are not detected. According to the author of the study Dr. Kandalaft, therapy with the use of vaccines has shown that almost 61% of the clinical effect, the combination of both treatments showed 75 percent of patients positive effect.

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When performing both procedures was used bevacizumab is a drug that controls the growth of blood vessels. Scientists assure that the proposed method is a method of therapy, which practically has no side effects and also it is able to provide a decent quality of life. In the future, scientists will continue their research to improve the efficacy of the vaccine.

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