American scientists determine the fatigue of sportsmen a new method

According to The Los Angeles Times when athletes participating in the race at long distances, while running, there comes a time when the athlete feels very tired. According to statistics, it comes at a distance of 32 km Also happens with all the other athletes, regardless of whether he is driving a bike or swim in the pool, going through it all who participate in endurance competitions.

Researchers at the University of California say that during fatigue the muscles convert glycogen to free energy. In consequence produces lactate, going in muscles, due to which a person feels very tired.

On the content level of acid can figure out how much tired guests. Standard procedure requires a sample of blood, but researchers from the U.S. have found another way. The analyzer is applied to the skin in the form of tattoos on time, within which are microscopic electrodes covered with lactate oxidase. Thus, the process of the study on the basis of sweat easier.

Testing was attended by ten volunteers. Researchers hope that by the deadline of 2015 is already to be able to provide this device for sale. In the near future with the help of this technology it will be possible to determine the heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol and other

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