American scientists cut HIV from DNA

Incurable disease in fact can be removed from the genome. This is indicated by the results of the experiment are scientists from Templestowe University. They cut out a piece of DNA containing the code of the HIV virus. About the done work described in the publication Gene Therapy.

While the experiment was conducted on DNA of animals, but with human DNA, experts say, you can do the same.

Scientists in the experiment, the deleted genes of the HIV virus from DNA of transgenic rats. In the genetic code of animals was first injected HIV-plots, and then went away. In the second case, the number of changed cells in the lymph nodes decreased, indicating that the recovery animals.

While modern medicine for the treatment of HIV antiretrovirals uses. They only reduce the activity of reproduction of the virus, completely get rid of the disease impossible. As a result of HIV becoming a chronic infection that slowly kills the human immune system.

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