American scientists conducted experiments on conceiving a baby from three parents

USA followed by the UK plans to allow genetic experiments. The main purpose was to authorize experiments on the conception of a child from three parents. A change in the genome is necessary to prevent the children developing the genetic disease. Other ways to cure down's syndrome, phenylketonuria, and many other diseases just don't exist, tells Nature News.

Replacement of damaged chromosomes of healthy will help to get rid of the 200 diseases that occur in the process of breakage of genes. The first experiments scientists plan to conduct on male embryos. It is expected that DNA from a third parent will not get into the baby's DNA.

On the eve of the British authorities permitted the replacement of mitochondria. The international community had to condemn such experiments, believing that "playing God" is unacceptable. However, scientists have made a preliminary plan for experiments and research in this area and want to obtain the first positive results.

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