American scientists began to spend less money on research

Before it became known that the funding of research by American scientists has decreased. According to data published in The New England Journal of Medicine, China and Japan in recent years has focused on the study of processes related to human health, while the us has significantly reduced the budget of the research. However, today the volume of researches of the American scientists still more.

According to the obtained data, in 2007 the U.S. got half of all the world's investment in biomedical research, but by 2012 this figure had dropped to 45%. At the same time, the share of Asian countries in this regard has increased by 6%. Europe shows the stability of its financial share in scientific research is 29%.

Experts believe that the decline in global funding associated with domestic investing in American science by different private companies. It is considered the norm, when a large Corporation allocates the budget for research and promotion of new tools that have great potential. Often it is not very profitable to the National institutes of health America, and these institutions reduce the costs of scientific tests.

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Increase the level of investment in Asian science, according to analysts, is associated with the comparative cheapness testing, production of drugs. In addition, governments are less involved in the regulation of research.

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