American scientist called the most effective remedy against hangover

Professor Alison Mitchell, a University of California study has established the most beneficial remedy for a hangover. It took wearing exotic name "Yak-a-Maine" Chinese soup. Scientist already announced his discovery at a meeting of the American chemical society.

Despite the fact that the ingredients of this soup are different depending on the region where it's made, its main components remain the savory beef broth with soy sauce, boiled egg, noodles and chopped green onions. According to the scientist, all of these products will eventually contain the ideal combination of minerals, which will help a person to recover after a heavy drink. This soup is one of the most common dishes in New Orleans, and his ancestors in the United States, according to legend, were the soldiers returning home after the war in Korea.

Mitchell bulk status hangover, which is accompanied by dehydration and toxicity of the breakdown products of alcohol, "metabolic storm". Thus, contained in the soup eggs help to eliminate vitamin B1 and acetaldehyde, which contribute to the buildup of glutarate - a substance that causes severe headache with hangovers. Together with this, an American specialist also not recommended to drink coffee in the hangover, as, in his opinion, it is even more exacerbates dehydration.

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