American plastic surgery: aesthetic surgery can be dangerous

American society of plastic surgeons this week began educational work on the safety of aesthetic and plastic surgery among the population and surgeons involved in plastic surgery.

Despite the scandals in the media about the failed plastic surgeries, people continue to risk their health and seek doubtful centers, where the lower cost of plastic surgery.

As specialists declare, the main problem is the lack of proper training, experience and qualifications of the surgeons, which leads to many problems for the health of their patients. Frequent complications include scarring, infection, and in some cases even gangrene is a serious complication for the patient's life, which entails re-operation with the destruction of surrounding tissues.

The President of the American Association of plastic surgeons, Dr. Malcolm Roth, said, - "Sometimes unskilled surgeons undertake a long and difficult plastic surgery in people who are on the state of your health can't stand heavy operations, unfortunately, we have recorded such fatalities".

Malbert Mouth led classic a sensational example, when forty year old housewife Dinora Rodriguez, seek advice from the surgeon without a license, the surgeon takes plastic surgery breast after, "load", does blepharoplasty plastic surgery on the eyelids. The result of this disastrous: the surgeon implants not in the "pocket" of the breast silicone implant, and eyes blepharoplasty now does not open, the result is the patient waiting for re complex surgery by experienced surgeons.

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In the U.S., the most common plastic surgeries are liposuction, in second place mammoplasty. In order for the results of the appeal to the aesthetic surgeon were expected need for a balanced approach to the selection of the medical center and specialist.

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