American families predisposition to obesity can be inherited

American scientists have found that in those families where parents are prone to overeating, children suffer from obesity or have him prone. According to psychologists from the United States, if the parents are inclined to choosing unhealthy food, have a habit of "seizing" the stress, and their children formed a wrong perception of food culture, which increases the risk of obesity.

The study, which lasted for 15 years, was conducted by the staff of Columbia University. They studied 222 family, which grew at least one child of preschool age. In addition, the family had medium and low incomes, consume high-calorie foods and were not adherents of a healthy diet. Lived volunteers in various States of America.

The study showed that 15 percent of immigrants from similar families, on reaching adulthood faced with the problem of obesity. Interestingly, a greater tendency was shown by the children who grew up in the Hispanic and African-American families, respectively 22 and 21 percent.

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Thus, the risk of child obesity is increasing in if at least one parent had bad habits or had the tendency to overeat. In addition, if the parents are "jammed" stresses that children have a 70 percent increased likelihood that they will do so in the future.

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