The new technique is a big step in the development of modern medicine. A group of biomedical engineers from the USA have developed a printer that can print bones, cartilage and muscles. Soon the creation of an artificial ear or the nose will become a new reality, experts say. Implants will not differ from these bodies either outside or inside.

Now the problem is acute with donor agencies. There is a whole set of rules on withdrawal of material. The suitability of the bodies – the second question. Not everyone seized the organ is suitable for transplantation. There are often problems of incompatibility when transplanting, and people undergoing surgery, must for life to take drugs that suppress their own immune system that the body catch on and were rejected by the body.

As the basis for their technology the researchers used stem cells that were seeded on synthetic skeleton follows the shape of the body. Instead of ink or plastic the printer uses cells that are planted on the form.

While the technology is not ready for use in modern medicine. Not solved the issues of adequate blood supply to the organ and connect it to the nervous system. It is however, suggested by experts, just a matter of time.

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