American doctors will cure Internet addiction for 14 thousand dollars

Psychiatric clinics of US discover a new profile. Doctors suggest people to get rid of Internet addiction. The price will be 14 thousand dollars. For the first time this practice has launched a Medical center in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

The course consists of ten days of hospital stay. For the development of the needed global research and many years of experience treating addiction and alcoholism. Doctors are repelled from the theory that Internet addiction should be treated similar to other common dependencies.

It was determined that a dependent can be considered a person conducting online for more than six hours per day, excluding the working time, when the Internet is essential. Scientists say that such people among Americans very much. Each of them runs the risk of the development of more severe mental pathology.

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Note that the cost is on the high side 14 of thousands of dollars. However, this will not stop wanting to get rid of harmful habits as Internet addiction has become a really popular trend. When considered along with other mental disorders, the number dependent on the Internet exceeds the number of people with drug addiction and alcoholism.

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