American children write SMS in my sleep

Statistical data on very specific, and at the same time unhealthy manifestations in behavior of American children continue to be one of the most discussed subjects in the United States. It turns out that these symptoms are directly related to cell phones.

Lately quite often there were cases when the child without waking up, tried to reach the phone to answer an SMS, which came while he was sleeping. This means that the child instinctively tries to take a cell phone and to write in response to incoming SMS, hearing her sound.

Most often, the answers are a set of any characters, but occasionally you can find and quite meaningful phrase. In addition, some children cannot even dream to send messages, previously investing in them a certain meaning.

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Such manifestations of "sleepwalking" no funny scientists who know that frequent sleep disorders can lead to several diseases, depression, poor school performance, and may affect the overall intellectual development of the child.

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