American and canadian scientists have learned how to treat Ebola

The virus that causes in humans the disease known as Ebola was detected and identified in 1976. From this point of medical statistics recorded over 11 thousand deaths due to illness terrible disease. Infection fever occurs through blood and body fluids of the patient.

Until recently the disease was considered incurable. Last year there was a vaccine to prevent infection (however, in the treatment useless). And now there is a new tool - the drug MBP13 containing antibodies identified in the body of survivors during the epidemic years 2013-16 experimentally (in Guinea pigs) was highly effective drug that blocks the activity of the virus in vivo.

Experts put together a set of different antibodies so that they do not only block the deadly microorganism, but also tone up the cells of the immune system. Moreover, the effectiveness of a new drug is maintained even on the seventh day after contact with an infected and blocks the main strains of the virus – Bundibugyo, the Zaire and the Sudan.

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