Alzheimer's warns of his coming two years a bad dream

If person a permanent state of slumber during the day and almost awake at night, it can already be sick with Alzheimer's, and this is the first of its "bells". A couple of years, manifestations of dementia this species will be felt in full voice.

If an elderly person day half-asleep, at night, constantly waking up, then this may be the first symptoms of the disease Alzheimer. Such manifestations inherent to the symptoms of memory loss. So say canadian researchers from Dalhousie University. They found that those pensioners who complain about the quality of sleep, for two years received a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease". And there is a direct proportionality between sleep problems and severity of disease.

According to researchers this problem, those patients who have frequent complaints to sleep in the first stage of the disease, already with Alzheimer's disease. Because healthy people, too, are the tides a day dreaming (a condition in which strongly pulls to sleep, and you can fall asleep right at the desktop), But it lasts for 20 minutes, and those to whom the disease has already knocked on the door, so there is up to three hours.

All were involved in the experiment over 14500 absolutely healthy people who are over fifty years old, and live in 12 different European countries. The author of this study Roxana, Sterniczuk, the doctor says that if the normal duration of sleep during the day strongly deviates from the norm in 20 minutes, this is a very significant factor, which allows extremely accurately predict what will soon manifest Alzheimer's disease in its more severe symptoms. But that's what the sleep disorder is unclear. Whether this is already a consequence of the changes in the brain, whether it contributes to the onset of these changes.

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