Alzheimer's disease may develop because of jealousy - the scientists

Hot-tempered women with frequent changes of mood, prone to constant jealousy, having a neurotic type of nervous system, are more likely to suffer in old age from Alzheimer's disease. Data were established by scientists from the University of Gothenburg. Only the study involved 800 women, the average age of volunteers was 46 years. Surveillance of women lasted 38 years, according to Science World Report.

Women filled in questionnaires at the beginning of the study. Scientists were interested in personality type, level of neuroticism, the directional nature (introversion or extraversion) and the ability to remember information. In addition, we studied the level of stress, nervousness, the presence or absence of each individual insomnia. All parameters were evaluated on a scale.

As it turned out, the constant neurotic twice that increases the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease in old age. Previously, scientists studied the impact of social factors, education level, presence or absence of certain genes. A similar study is performed for the first time.

Such research is an important part in establishing mechanisms for the development of pathology. Until a means to heal the patient from Alzheimer's disease does not exist, but development on it is.

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