Alzheimer's disease: how to care for a sick

This is a serious illness over time covers all the functional capacity of a man and very soon he becomes totally dependent on others for help. Alzheimer's disease does the patient particularly helpless in its last stage. It was then that the care necessary to him as air, because there is a great risk of injury and serious injury associated with a restriction in movement.

Very often patients are sent to special boarding houses. In them, people assist in Alzheimer's disease and due to constant observation provide proper care. Of course, for friends and relatives this solution seems to be correct. But for a sick person moving from home will become a difficult ordeal. Sudden change of environment and the accompanying new stimuli will have a detrimental effect on his mental state. So gentle care it is best to have at home.

As a caregiver, it is important to remember that he constantly needed positive emotions. Humor will help to facilitate and accept the inevitability of the disease. But joking carefully, the patient should not think that laughing at him. If he feels negative in their favor, it can provoke an emotional block and then to identify his feelings and condition is very difficult. For this reason, man is not to insult, condemn, criticize and raise your voice. Caring attitude will protect him from depression and aggressive attacks against the disease.

The patient may manifest hallucinations and obsessive ideas. All attempts to convince him of the impossibility of illusions will be fruitless. In such situations it is necessary to gently distract the patient and be interested in something else. Helping to take a shower, if possible, should cover the private parts of the patient, in order to maintain his sense of dignity. Going to the toilet becomes more complicated in the last stages of the disease. Initially, the person begins to forget about what you need to do when the urge for defecation. He can't take off your clothes and doesn't understand what to do in the bathroom. Over time, the use of diapers for adults becomes the only way out.

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On the doors and Windows of the house to hang strong lattice and castles. Progressive disease may develop a tendency to wander. On the everyday clothing of the patient should always be tag with his home address and phone.

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