Alzheimer's Disease. 5 symptoms that should bother you

Alzheimer's disease is becoming more common among people who have just passed the 40 year mark. Unfortunately, the pace of life, stress and diet are factors that accelerate the emergence of this serious disease, which is not receiving treatment. If you are concerned that you might become a victim of Alzheimer's, watch your body, do you have the following symptoms?

Gaps in memory.

Re-ask the same questions, forget the names of familiar people or do not remember what they ate yesterday? Unfortunately, if these moments of forgetfulness occur frequently (almost daily), you should consult a doctor. Forgetfulness is a major symptom in Alzheimer's disease, and it should not be ignored.


Someone tells you to go to the right and you turn left? You often feel confused and do not understand some things that are relatively simple, and prior to that he understood them without problems. Therefore, there have been a number of changes in the brain that can be caused by Alzheimer's disease.

Changes in personality or mood.

If you have moments when you are very calm and nothing you are not annoying, and then suddenly go into a state of anger, and you no one can tolerate high risk of Alzheimer's disease. Sudden mood changes are another symptom of the disease.Difficulty in performing simple tasks.

Previously simple tasks for you, now find complex and difficult to do? Meeting with difficulties in performing simple tasks, which not so long ago you could do even with your eyes closed, can be a sign that you are suffering from Alzheimer's disease.


It is difficult to find their way home, when you find yourself in a new place or you don't know exactly where you are and where you're going? You may think it is just because you're tired, but if this happens often, then we can talk about the symptoms of the disease.

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