Always useful fruit?

Today, as soon as one feels the signs of lack of vitamins or minerals, immediately rushes to the pharmacy for "miraculous" means in a beautiful package. Few people are interested in what actually is included in the advertised vitamin complexes and is there really any benefit from them.

The best way and the safest way to eliminate the shortage of vitamins in the human body is the inclusion in the diet of all sorts of fruits and vegetables. Almost all fresh fruits are easily digested. To get the maximum benefit from their use should eat fruits not later than half an hour before meals.

Fruits are Packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals. Almost all of them are 80% water, so is able to fully meet the needs of the organism in H2O. Dietary fiber, which are part of the fruit, are able to effectively cleanse the body from harmful substances.

Delicious and beautiful fruit is an essential ingredient in cooking. They are able to decorate and fill the unforgettable taste of any dish. In a bright assortment of fruit each, whether child or adult, will find a treat that will be for him to taste.

Fruit puree include in the diet of the child almost from his birth. They bring the body of the baby favor, therefore, are an integral part of baby food.

Fruit juices, which are a tasty source of vitamins and fruit acids, are excellent to satisfy thirst. They bring the body is much more useful than carbonated drinks.

Due to its unique properties, the fruit is able to neutralize many toxins, improve the body as a whole, to give the skin and hair, youthful appearance. They are widely used in cosmetology include recipes peelings and masks. A positive effect on the body multiple fruit diet.

It would seem, well, just the perfect food, but why is it so often discussed the topic "the benefits and harms of fruits"? It turns out that the excessive consumption of fruit, especially tropical ones, can cause all sorts of allergic reactions, stomach upset and even poisoning!

You must choose for themselves the fruit ripening. Many of them tear nedopilili to reduce product loss during long distance transport. Some fruits, such as bananas, persimmons, pears, melons, tend to ripen, but is more nutritional value, of course, have the fruit from a Bush".

The greatest danger in the consumption of fruit is in chemical processing, which are all, without exception, store instances before you get to the counter. To increase the shelf life of fruits and, thereby, reduce waste, apply some common technologies:

• Before export, fruits treated with methyl-stands to destroy all possible pests.

• In order to avoid the appearance on the skin of the fruit mold, they are treated with fungicides or sulfurous gas.

• For combating harmful microorganisms are widely used pesticides.

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Before using the "store" of fruit in the food, they should thoroughly wash and peel!

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