Altruists have a richer intimate life – scientists

Canadian researchers have shown that altruism significantly affects the quality and diversity of the intimate life of a person. In total, the survey involved 800 volunteers. With the help of special questionnaires were able to identify the personal qualities of the people and the nuances of their personal lives.

As it turned out, altruists have more sexual partners in life than the average person. It's time to start sharing what we have, and from the opposite sex will be attracted to you, scientists say.

Note, this is the quality better for men than for women. Indeed, the generosity of men is usually perceived in a positive way. Scientists make reference to ancient times when the ability to fetch was the main quality of men and provided for their sexuality.

Even researchers proved the existence of a genetic predisposition to altruism. This statement seems logical. Many qualities are transmitted from parents to children, and often there's nothing you can do about it. Surrounding like to use the generosity of others, so altruism can play a cruel joke.

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