Altai scientists have developed a new vaccine against tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a common disease that can affect all organs and systems. However, most often the lungs. It is worth noting that the bacterium lives in an inactive form in the vast majority of Russians. Vaccination against tuberculosis is made in childhood special vaccine and takes place in several stages.

Bahia scientists have proposed a new method of vaccination. Project Manager Vyacheslav Alekseevich skorupi sure that the new product has the best features and is more secure. Current drug often causes complications and side effects. There are cases when after vaccination developing liver disease due to abnormal intoxication. The new vaccine, proposed by scientists, does not have such a strong toxic effects on the body, which managed to reduce by 2.5 times.

To date, the drug undergoes a series of tests on cell cultures in the laboratory. Scientists expect that the vaccine for intravenous administration will be ready for use by the end of 2014. It may be included in the list of vaccines recommended by the Ministry of health. Yet, an open question about the value of innovative medicines for tuberculosis.

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