Almost all illnesses, there is one solution - tea

For centuries tea is famous for its healing properties. Nutritionists recommend the use of a certain kind of tea for the treatment of a specific problem. For example, anise tea is very good for diarrhea, indigestion and nausea.

Mint hours suitable for the use of people who have problems with excess weight. Mint tea can be drunk both cold and hot. And if you drink it along with green tea, it will help speed up the process of metabolism. This is facilitated by the presence in green tea gallate of epigallocatechin, which will help to lose weight. Green tea can burn about 70 calories per day.

Drink green tea, preferably hot, at a temperature of not less than 85 degrees. In addition, green tea helps to increase the quantity of antioxidants.

Experts also advise to drink rose tea, which is a mixture of black tea and fresh pink Bud. He has on a person's therapeutic effect.

Also, rose tea removes toxins from the body and has a high content of vitamins A, C, D, B3 and E, which protect the body from infections. In addition, rose tea has a positive effect on the skin.

Like green, pink tea is shown to people who are suffering from overweight. And the best "winner fat" among tea is Oolong tea. He copes with excess cholesterol and burns fats. But especially they do not get carried away: according to experts, it is enough to consume two cups daily.

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