Almonds are the ideal choice for weight loss

"People wishing to shed extra weight, you should pay attention to the almonds. Just a handful of almonds to suppress appetite all day", as stated by the researchers. Almond has a low glycemic index, which shows how quickly after use of the product increase in blood indicators of sugar, writes on the pages of the publication The Telegraph.

Products that have the ability to quickly digested, provoke a sharp increase, and then the same sharp decline in sugar. Almonds also gives steady and slow increase of sugar and insulin, which guarantees for human long-lasting feeling of fullness. This suggests that almonds can save a person from overeating. Scientists believe: "Almonds are especially useful for people suffering from diabetes."

The experiment, which was conducted by Professor Richard Mats from Purdue University, gave the following results: for Breakfast eat almonds, much longer maintain the feeling of satiety, and their blood was many times less sugar after taking Breakfast and lunch compared to those products with a low glycemic index have been neglected.

Meanwhile, scientists say: "This does not mean that you can forget about counting calories. However, the almonds will help to trick the body, and the person subsequently for saturation will require less volume of food".

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