Allergy in a child can lead to heart disease in later age

Experts from northwestern University in the analysis of the health status of 13,000 children have proved that allergies or asthma increases the level of cholesterol in the blood and the risk of hypertension. In the future this may affect the work of the heart and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Not only overweight and lack of physical activity bad for the heart. A certain contribution to the occurrence of coronary heart disease can make a common Allergy. Proven fact: people with allergies have an increased level of inflammation in the body. Apparently, this increases the risk of heart disease and blood vessels. For further study of the problem requires new studies, experts say.

In another work, a group of scientists have determined that the inhabitants of farms suffer from allergies less frequently than people living in major cities. The presence in the air of microparticles of toxins and certain types of bacteria builds immunity through minor inflammatory response. This reaction, experts believe, to protect people from allergies and asthma.

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