Allergy - causes, treatment and prevention

Allergy is the acute sensitivity of the human immune system to certain substances - allergens. The most common allergens - fine particles present in the air: book and household dust, pollen. As the factors causing the development of allergies, can act as medicines, cosmetics, household chemicals, certain types of food, wool and fluff Pets. Painful symptoms can occur, as with the direct exposure to the allergen on the skin, and when airborne contact.

Feeling pretty nasty allergies: - redness, itching, and watery eyes; - inflammation of the nasopharynx, accompanied by a strong cold and chihanie; - skin rashes. - swelling,

These symptoms can be distressing, either separately or in combination, which, of course, reduces the patient's quality of life. Allergies are not as harmless as it may seem - it can lead to the development of eczema and asthma. In some cases, exposure to allergens can cause anaphylactic shock is an acute condition, life-threatening. In this regard, treatment of allergies should not remain without attention.

The choice of drugs depends on the cause of the disease. First, using medical samples to identify substances that cause pain, and then designate pill from allergies. Most antihistamines (eliminate Allergy symptoms) have a sedative effect, which complicates the life of the patient. Although the new-generation drugs, these side effects are minimized. At skin allergic reactions are special lotions and creams.

All kinds of drugs aimed at removing or alleviating the symptoms of the disease. A radical solution of this problem has not been found. The main rule is to avoid contact with the allergen, although this is difficult. In severe form of the disease, it is important to inform about this to all my friends, so they can protect the patient from irreversible effects.

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Allergic reaction is an alarming signal about the weaknesses in the immune system, so a significant place in the treatment and prevention of disease is immunotherapy, hardening and healthy lifestyle. In a situation of acute disease, you must follow the rules hypoallergenic diet.

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