Allergies affect symptoms of migraine

Allergy is a disease of the 21st century. Most often it occurs in developed countries with good quality of life. The main causes of allergies is genetic predisposition, poor diet, social factors. Allergy is inextricably linked with asthma and can move into it. The present study indicates that enhances allergic manifestations of migraine. The data were confirmed in the course of global studies, covering 6000 patients. 70% of them suffered from various kinds of allergies. The analysis showed that the presence of allergies increases the risk of frequent migraine attacks by a third.

According to Vincent Martin, author of the research, this work is unique in its kind. Until then, no one has conducted similar research. Now the public knows that struggling with allergies, man saves himself and from other dangerous manifestations. Migraines are often inhibit the psyche, reduce the quality of life and lead to depression.

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However, accurate data, explaining the mechanisms of this communication, no. It is possible that migraine increases the risk of allergic reactions, and taking drugs that reduce the body's response to an allergen, helps with headaches.

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