All the secrets of bronze tan

A large part of the female refers to the sunbathing without any existing wisdom. As they say, took off his clothes and lay down under the sun and waiting for a beautiful bronze hue. Some smear themselves creams with UV filter and expect a quick effect a perfect tan. However, this is not enough in order to get it. As it turns out, beautiful natural bronze tan there are a couple of little secrets that not everybody knows.

So, for example, before consumption sunbathing, it is important to prepare your body for an even tan. And this can be done using various available tools - rough sponges, brushes or scrub. Thus, you remove dead skin cells. This procedure should be performed from the bottom up, i.e. from feet to face under the hot water, plus you will improve blood circulation and your skin will perceive tan comfortable and evenly.

Another mystery is that when receiving a sunburn, your skin needs nourishment and hydration, so please be nourishing creams with aloe Vera or almond oil. But even more effective is to influence moisturizing cream applied before bedtime, when the skin will relax and be alone, which will allow the active ingredients to be perceived twice as better than during the day. Simultaneously with creams, drink as much water as possible.

The mystery of the third - is fresh fruits and vegetables rich in carotene and vitamin E, and here is your selection as it is and apricot, and melon, and watermelon, and mango, carrot, tomato and much more. Lean on them, which will help give your skin quality bronze shade, as well as to protect it from UV damage.

To your first day on the beach, not turned you into a "chicken grilled", batch time sunbathing. Always start small and do not forget that at lunch time to sunbathe at all harmful. More stay in the shade that does not mean that tan you will not get. The scattered light near the ocean or sea, lake or pond is quite sufficient for the initial stages of tanning. Dose and time spent in the water, because during this period you will be under the open sunshine.

And, of course, consume only high quality cosmetics for tanning with a high rate of protection, which will protect your skin at its best.

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